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Entry #4

Finally starting!!!!!

2009-04-12 03:25:27 by cyberlink64

It's about time!! I'm finally starting to write songs, now that I kinda know what the fuck I'm doing with fruity loops and My computer actually has some space on it. I only had 122 meg's left on the hard-drive, out of 27 gig's of space. now I have some more space, so things are moving a little smoother. My cousin and I are making some rap songs, but I'm also making some DnB and techno. I have one thing to ask of anyone who reads this post. Think of a good title for any Techno or DnB song, any name, that will be my inspiration, and I can visualize something to make. Pm me or email me at the above link.


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2009-04-12 04:51:11

that's awesome^^