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Finally starting!!!!!

2009-04-12 03:25:27 by cyberlink64

It's about time!! I'm finally starting to write songs, now that I kinda know what the fuck I'm doing with fruity loops and My computer actually has some space on it. I only had 122 meg's left on the hard-drive, out of 27 gig's of space. now I have some more space, so things are moving a little smoother. My cousin and I are making some rap songs, but I'm also making some DnB and techno. I have one thing to ask of anyone who reads this post. Think of a good title for any Techno or DnB song, any name, that will be my inspiration, and I can visualize something to make. Pm me or email me at the above link.


2009-01-05 16:43:03 by cyberlink64

Well, Good News and Bad News to announce. Bad news first. I didn't get the laptop, so when I start making songs, I won't be able to put out full quality stuff. Good news is, My friend hacked Fruity Loops For me on saturday, and I'm just starting a new song, so far, it's going really well, but the problem is, I won't be able to work on it for the next week because My parents are in texas until the 8th of January, and I'm going to be staying at my mom's boss's home. Only bad thing about that is that I won't be able to bring our piece of shit laptop over there. If anyone has any tips on using Fruity loops, please let me know, I whant to start putting out songs soon.

Minor setback

2008-11-15 11:44:25 by cyberlink64

Well, not quite there yet with my new laptop. Only reason is because instead of using the money that my parents were going to use to get my laptop last month, they paid for a flight to Disneyland with my friend. Mind you, I'm not complaining, who could complain about Disneyland right? Anywho, sounds like I'm going to have to wait 1 more month until Christmas to start with my music. Just hold out a little longer, and I promise i'll give some of the sweetest music around.


2008-09-27 18:33:31 by cyberlink64

Finally, I'm going to get a chance at making some content. I've been waiting for my own laptop for a while, and within the next 2 months, I'll have it. Then it's time to make some kickass tracks. I've heard and learned from the best, and soon I'll be up in the ranks soon enough.